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Canada Study & Immigration Program

Most Popular Overseas Opportunity For Indians
Canada Is One Very Good Option For Study And Permanent Residency Program And Most Recomandale Country For Most Indians

Current Canadian immigration policy offers temporary and permanent residence under more than 65 programs divided between the Federal and Provincial governments. There are 11 skilled worker immigration programs in Canada including the Federal Skilled Worker Program and 10 provincial programs. Each program operates under different criteria using a Demand Occupation List and a quota system. Each program gives the highest rank and priority to candidates who have a sponsor employer. Although there are many programs for applicants to immigrate to Canada without a sponsoring employer, these programs are quota based and are offered with limited duration. Our Canada Priority Residence Program (CPRP) is an excellent strategy for many applicants wishing to secure Canadian residence who do not currently qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or a Provincial Skilled Worker immigration program. Our CPRP is an employment driven program that increases the chances of successful settlement in Canada for our clients

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